Regroupement Affaires Femmes - RAF is the only intergenerational association of its kind, created by and for Franco-Canadian black girls and women.
Underrepresented and so far seldom celebrated, black women are practically invisible in Canada, particularly when they are Francophone. As a way to bring them out of the shadows, Violène Gabriel, a nurse who immigrated to Canada from Haiti in 1975, created this association in 2006.


The RAF highlights the excellence and leadership of Canada’s francophone black girls and women!


The RAF seeks to lend a voice to immigrant and second generation francophone and francophile black girls and women in order to represent and inspire them, and to promote their distinction, excellence and leadership in Canada’s francophone community.


1. Represent Canada’s francophone and francophile black women, regardless of their age.
2. Inspire success and excellence by promoting female role models from every background, orientation and interest in order to inspire others to become agents of change.
3. Promote by fostering their independence through leadership and mentoring so that they can come into their own (body, mind and spirit).
4. Promote awareness of Canada’s francophone and francophile black women who excel.
5. Draw francophone black seniors out of isolation.